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George III (1760-1820). Crown gold trial (crown) "INCORRUPTA", by W. Wyon, Burnished blank (PROOF) 1817, London.

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GREAT BRITAIN - UNITED KINGDOM George III (1760-1820). Gold pattern of the crown “INCORRUPTA”, by W. Wyon, Proof 1817, London.
Obv. GEORGIUS III D: G: BRITANNIARUM REX. Laureate bust with draped collar facing right; below signature W. WYON and (date).
Rev. INCORRUPTA FIDES VERITASQVE. Scalloped and crowned shield, with arms of England, Scotland, Ireland and England, crowned shield of Hanover in the center.
Bull.2030 - Esc.230 - KM# PnC77 - WR.208; Gold - 48.69g - 38 mm - 12 h.
Top Pop : this is the only graded example ! From a Stack’s sale, January 14th 2008, n°2927 and previously DNW, September 2005, n°875 and SNC, December 1996, n°6009
NGC PF 65 ULTRA CAMEO. Proof and ultra cameo. Medal strike. The reliefs are matte with a grainy texture, creating a beautiful effect in strong contrast with the glossy and uniform mirror fields. Tiny hairlines. Exceptional rarity. A unique opportunity to acquire one of the most spectacular coin of British numismatics. Uncirculated.

William Wyon was born in 1795, son of Peter Wyon, and nephew of the chief engraver Thomas Wyon Sr. He began his career as an engraver in 1812, at only 17 years old, with a medal for the Society of Arts. In 1815, he created the great seals of Scotland and Ireland. In 1817, he joined the Royal Mint with his cousin Thomas Wyon Jr as second engraver. In 1817, the English government issued a new silver Crown and a new gold coin, the Sovereign. Produced in the new presses of the London mint, the type for those coins is Saint George slaying the dragon. The dies are the work of an outstanding Italian gem engraver, Benedetto Pistrucci. In 1816, when the project was launched, the young William Wyon proposed his model struck by the Royal Mint at only 18 examples in silver and 7 examples in gold. The reliefs of this pattern are treated in dotted lines, like the creations made for Cromwell. The bust is large and realistic, with great finesse. The Latin legend on the reverse INCORRUPTA FIDES VERITASQUE “An Intact Faith” can be understood as the faith of the country towards its sovereign, often considered as a mad man but who nevertheless knew how to get his country out of long military conflicts. However, the project proposed by Pistrucci was ultimately chosen, which also allowed him to become chief engraver. To become chief engraver himself, Wyon had to wait another ten years, until 1828.
MDC AUCTION n° 14: Selection of coins, medals and banknotes; and Jean Lecompte's collection of colonial coins.
03 May 2024 CEST/Monaco
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MDC AUCTION n° 14: Selection of coins, medals and banknotes; and Jean Lecompte's collection of colonial coins.
03 May 2024 CEST/Monaco
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